Libby Wiseman -
Libby Speaks to Encourage YOU to take Action!!

Libby's warm and friendly manner encourages her audiences to not just listen
but to become a participant in any program she presents.

Her most requested presentations:

Live with "Hatitude" not an Attitude

Have you ever thought of how many hats you wear?
Most of the hats we wear are invisible- but as
Libby illustrats in her Keynote presentations and Workshops
it is not how many Hats you wear but how you wear those Hats,
that is important.

Too Busy Living to Plan

The little things in Life are the ones that can really make a difference.
The big things we can handle.  Libby shows you how you can take charge
of those little things which will leave you Healthier & Wealthier. 

Age Is Just a Number

Do you say I can't do that I am too old or maybe you are younger
and think no one my age has ever done this.  No matter
your age you have a lot to share.  Let your light shine.

Libby's presentations are especially welcomed by women's groups,
churches and those looking to become better leaders.
Call Libby Today if you need a speaker that will inspire
your team to live a more enjoyable & productive life.

(772) 410-7761


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